Teak Luxury Shower Mat Naturally Water-Resistant with Teak Oil Finish Large 31.5 X 19.5 for Bathroom, Bath, Pool, Spa, Boat, Sauna, Patio, RV, Front Door from Our Diamond Collection

Price: $120.00
(as of May 19,2022 21:42:06 UTC – Details)

Step on your deluxe teak bath mat and close your eyes…

Feel the warm, soothing magic of a tropical island paradise beneath your feet

No more will you step on a slippery, cold tile shower floor or wet bathroom rug

Watch the shower water stream through the open slats instead of pooling around your feet

Rest assured knowing that the prized Indonesian teak wood in your new bath mat was sustainably-harvested

The Indonesian “Perum Perhutani” strictly controls the output of these state-of-the-art plantations

After harvesting your teak bath mat is kiln-dried to a moisture content of approximately 14%, providing it with maximum strength and longevity

The naturally-occurring oils and resins—found only in mature, hard, dense-grained teak–protects your teak shower mat while providing it with natural water-resistance.

That’s why if you find a teak mat at an unbelievably low price–it could be made of soft, immature teak with little if any oils and resins

Quality teak should last you well over 70 years

And your teak mat is so easy to clean!

Your teak bath mat comes fully-assembled

All slats are attached to a strong frame using stainless steel screws, allowing gentle flexing, yet supports weight up to 300lbs.

Do not be alarmed by the natural creaking or cracking you may hear during first use as the mat adjusts to your weight.

100% guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 1-year—or your money back!

Escape from the ordinary!

Live life large, in luxury and style!

Caution: To prevent falls and injury use your teak shower mat only on flat surfaces. Do not use in a bathtub.

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THE SIGNATURE DIAMOND DESIGN is original registered artwork sold exclusively by Teak Culture

MAGICALLY TRANSFORMS your bathroom, outdoor shower, patio and pool deck into an exotic tropical oasis. The envy of all your friends and neighbors
YOUR FEET WILL LOVE the velvety smooth hand-sanded finish and quick-draining open slat design. 15 hard rubber feet, strategically placed, provides you with secure, stable, slip-resistant showering. Supports weight up to 300lbs
RICH WITH NATURAL teak oil and resins. Unlike bamboo, acacia and other woods that warp if continuously wet, teak is famously waterproof
DESIGNED IN THE USA, fully-assembled and handcrafted by skilled artisans, from plantation-grown teak, on the island of Java. Sustainably-harvested, government inspected Indonesian hardwood teak
ESCAPE FROM the ordinary. Don’t step on a cold shower floor or wet bathroom rug again. PLUS, when purchased from Teak Culture (check that it reads “by Teak Culture” just above the price), you’ll receive a 100% money-back 1-year guarantee against all defects in materials and workmanship. Read the full “Product Description” below

Price: $120.00
(as of May 19,2022 21:42:06 UTC – Details)

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