Wondurdog Quality Sink Faucet Pet Wash Kit with Splash Shield Handle and Rubber Grooming Teeth. Designed for Kitchen, Bathroom, Utility & Laundry Sink Faucets. Bonus Garden Hose Attachment Included.

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Damon and Deacon MoabDamon and Deacon Moab


Our story

How we got our start? In 2015, Damon got his first dog, a beautiful golden retriever that he and his wife named Deacon. One thing Damon was not prepared for was bath time. After trying the normal methods of bathing to no success, Damon knew there had to be a better way. Through this, the Wondurdog was born! What makes our product unique? Wondurdog’s one-handed brush head is ergonomic and durable so anyone at any age can give their dog a thorough bath. Our patented rubber splash shield and rubber teeth design keeps the water on your dog and not all over your clothes while gently cleaning and massaging your dog. Why we love what we do? Dogs are family. So our goal at Wondurdog is to create WONderful DURable DOG products. Bath time with your dog is an important moment to bond and build a strong relationship. We want everybody—no matter their age, no matter where they live—to be able to thoroughly clean and care for their doggos.

CONNECTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR SINK FAUCET: This kit will connect to most sink faucets with a removable aerator. (YOU MUST HAVE A THREADED FAUCET) Eight metal faucet adapters are included that will fit 98% of sink faucets. *Included Faucet Adapter Sizes: 15/16”-27 male thread, 55/64”-27 female thread, 13/16”-24 female thread, 13/16”-27 male thread, 3/4”-27 femalethread,16.5M, 18.5M, 21.5M, 24M and 3/4” female laundry sink thread. THIS IS NOT A UNIVERSAL FIT. YOUR FAUCET MUST HAVE A REMOVABLE AERATOR.
CONNECTS TO A GARDEN HOSE FOR OUTDOOR BATHING: The kit includes a metal garden hose adapter which allows you to take the bath outside by connecting the recoil hose and shower brush to your garden hose. Enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable bath time!
GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Ergonomic and easy to use, this sprayer with faucet attachment leaves you with an extra hand free, so you can comfort your pet while bathing them. Plus, it’s easy to use for all ages!
PACKAGE DETAILS: This faucet shower brush attachment comes with the patented Wondurdog shower brush head with splash shield, a 10-foot flexible recoil hose, a faucet diverter, additional faucet adapters, a garden hose adapter, easy to follow instructions and a storage bag. Baths are a great time for you and your dog to bond.

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