Stove Burner Covers- 0.3MM Upgraded Thickness, Re-usable Fast to Clean Stovetop Liner Covers, Non-stick 8 Pack, Size 10.6’’ x 10.6’’, Dishwasher Safe and Heat Resistant Gas Range Protectors (SILVER)

Price: $9.96
(as of Jan 23,2022 21:22:09 UTC – Details)

 RoYcast Supplied Stove Burner Covers Have Thickness Upgraded to 0.3MM Which Introduces Extra Durability And Stays Flat on Top of Gas Stove.


  • Thickness upgraded to 0.3MM (much stronger than 0.2MM)
  • Smooth surface and high temperature resistant
  • Re-usable and easy to clean – dishwasher safe
  • Cuttable character allows you to fit to any size gas stoves
  • Pre-cut inner radiuses to support accurate cutting
  • No any smell due to heating.

Thickness —-0.3mm
Material —–PTFE- fiberglass, Teflon coating
Color ——–Black, Silver and Chopper
Size ——— 10.6” x 10.6” (27cm x 27cm)
Packing —–8 pcs
Weight —–240gr

  1.  Remove stovetop accessories & measure size precisely
  2.  Mark up the positions & cut from mark lines with scissor or utility knife
  3.  Install the mat on stove & re-assemble stovetop accessories.


 ATTENTION:      ⚠
◆Mark-up and cut correctly to have accurate fit up (it is not our responsibility if you cut incorrectly)
◆ Avoid stovetop burner covers direct contact with fire (they are not 100% fireproof).
✅ [ CLEAN STOVETOP WITHOUT SCRUBBING ] By using these stove burner covers, you will save a lot time by avoiding unnecessary scrubbing of gas range. Since these stovetop liners are PTFE- fiberglass material covered with non-stick Teflon coating (HIGH ABSORBENCY) at both sides, they catch spills, splatters and can easily be wiped with a usual kitchen cloth. Items fulfill the demands of hygiene and it is absolutely safe if contact to food
✂️ [ PERFECT FIT & CUTTABLE] Gas range protectors stays flat on any stovetop surface. Standard dimensions are 10.6” x 10.6” (27cm x 27cm) but can be easily cut to any dimensions you need. Pre-cut inner radius (1.8” to 4.3”) helps to have perfect fit to any size as long as cut dimensions taken correctly.
♻️ [ RE-USABLE & WASHABLE ] Burner mats are completely re-usable and will keep their original shape and quality even after months of washing & wiping. Because of non-sticky surface, you can simply rinse or wash in hot soapy water to clean. They are dishwasher safe if you use on upper rack only.
🔥 [ HEAT RESISTANT & DURABLE ] As thickness upgraded to 0.3MM, heavy duty gas range protectors can withstand high temperatures up to 500℉ (260 Celsius) and will not be deformed or look unpleasant. Our covers are BPA free, thus will not release chemical smell/ odor when heat applies (Heat Resistant does not mean they are 100% fireproof – avoid direct contact with fire).
✍️ [ PACKAGE CONTENTS ] 8 pcs of Stove Burner Covers included in one package and installation guidelines have been shown on cover to help you for set up. Please feel free to ask any questions or clarifications needed for usage of stovetop liners. RoYcast is committed to highest levels of quality and excellence for customer satisfaction!

Price: $9.96
(as of Jan 23,2022 21:22:09 UTC – Details)

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