Solar Fountain with LED Lights, Kaven 3.5W 2000mAh Battery Solar Water Fountain Pump with 7 Nozzles, 4 Fixer, for Bird Bath ,Pond, Pool, Outdoor, Garden

Price: $27.99
(as of Jan 23,2022 22:14:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Pond Garden DecorationPond Garden Decoration

A Sustainable Solar Fountain Pump for a Sustainable Garden

Kaven Solar fountain is a great ideal to add decoration to your birdbath and garder, and work great for water circulation for oxygen,attracting birds and let them remain in a nice and tidy environment.Your lawn will have a general sheen and natural look that you never thought possible.For an ideal looks and supreme functionality, place the fountain directly in the center of your garden. Get creative with it by choosing a theme and builds other water movements into the surrounding area.100 percent solar powered and RGB color auto-cycle seetting makes it work beautifully at night.

What a excellent solar fountain birdbath should do:

• Improve your backyard’s appearance.

• They are better at attracting birds to your garden because the solar powered pump keeps the water constantly moving. Birds have eyesight which can see changes in motion at great distance but they don’t see still water so well. So they’ll notice your solar bath much more easily!

• Solar fountain with battery and lights make it still work great at night.

• A solar powered bird bath pump uses the sun’s energy rather than electricity, making it economical and money saving

• Solar pumps are easier to install outdoors. There are no installation or operating costs

• No wiring, extension cords, or outdoor electrical outlets are required, low maintenance

• There is no limitation as to where you can place a solar bird bath in your garden. As long as it has some sun, it will work.

• You get the pleasure of moving water without the hassle of plumbing or electricity – which also gives you absolute freedom of placement.

Pond Garden DecorationPond Garden Decoration

Pond Garden DecorationPond Garden Decoration

Pond Garden DecorationPond Garden Decoration

Pond Garden DecorationPond Garden Decoration

Warm Tips

1. Solar panel can’t overshadowed by trees or cloud for long periods of time.

2. Must work in water, water spray height depends on water depth , strength of the sunlight.

3. Put the solar panel under sunlight and best to face the sun directly to make sure the solar panel got enough sunlight.

4. Clean the pump regularly to prevent clogging by fallen leaves.

5. In rare cases, the pump may happen to stop working, just press the pump completely into the water to drain the air and release.

【Solar Fountain Pump Integrated Color-Changing LED Light & 2000mAh Battery】Kaven solar fountain comes with 6 colorful LED lights which can be automatically turned on at night to add a lighting feature to the birdbath and garden. Built-in Ultra high capacity battery provides you with the ability to charge a battery using sunlight so that this pump can be used even on a cloudy day and work well at night.
【Kaven Solar Panel- More Efficiently & More Durable】Kaven solar-powered fountain uses a SLANT design for the panel so that it has more surface to capture as much of the sunlight as possible. The panel is designed with high-quality material which is called PET lamination that is laminated to keep the fountain pump from breaking.
【Unique Splash-proof Design & 7 Water Patterns】Kaven solar fountain pump comes with 4 Splash-proof Bracket for better panel fixation to avoid water just splashes and drains out of the birdbath. Also, it comes with SEVEN different nozzle heads that will help change the pattern and the height of the fountain. Water up to 40-70cm jet height on a sunny day.
【 Water Shortage Protection System & Blocking Protection System】Solar Powered Birdbath Fountain comes with a water shortage protection system and anti-clogging technology, it will stop working automatically when the shortage of water and will shut off if the sprayer is blocked or if no activity is detected. Tips: clean the pump on regular basis to avoid the pump get blocked with dirt.
Kaven Solar Fountain birdbath pump is 100 percent solar-powered which is Eco Friendly and save electricity, it is a great idea to add decoration to your birdbath, garden, pond, etc, and it works great for water circulation for oxygen, attracting birds and let them remain in a nice and tidy environment.

Price: $27.99
(as of Jan 23,2022 22:14:03 UTC – Details)

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