Electric Single Burner, 3500W Portable Ceramic Cooker Countertop Burner, Hot Plate with Timer Temperature Control, Smart Touch Sensor Electric Stove Glass Plate Cooktops

Price: $79.99
(as of Jan 23,2022 22:08:34 UTC – Details)

Production Characteristics

1. The use of microcomputer control system, advanced microcomputer control system is equipped withanti overheating protectioncan, safe and reliable.
2. Fire control is obvious, can meet all kinds of cooking, fried, steamed, barbecue, heat presevation, etc.Can.
3. The use of the product does not produce harmful substances pollution, long-term use of health care function, infraredline wave has the function of promoting blood circulation and so on.
Usage method

A function key standby, press the “Fried” and “BBQ”, “Soup”, The key enters the workingstate:
Fried default 3500W;
BBQ: default 1200W, adjusting range 200-3500W;
Soup: deafault 1800W, adjusting range 200-3500W
Funtion: default 1600W, adjustment range 200-3500W
Note: the “firepower” function can adjust the power in the touch panel free, “Fried” and “BBQ” and “Soup” can be adjusted by the knob.

It needs to be left on for a few minutes. It usually lasts three runs of five minutes, because the ovens need to be fanned to shut down.

【3500W High Power Cooktop】 Ceramic electric cooktop can rapid heating sustained large firepower produce different delicious foods. All kinds of POTS and pans can be used, make cooking easier.
【Multi-function Portable Electric Burner Stove】 Stir-fried, Barbecue, Soup, Function, Timing, LED digital display, multi-functional menu to meet your daily needs.
【Simple Operation】 Double touch and knob control system, multi-tap stepless knob, easy to operate. Infrared heating, no high frequency radiation, use more assured.
【Heat Dissipation】 Microcrystalline face plate is high temperature resistant, explosion-proof and durable. Fan heat dissipation design, better heat dissipation effect easily reach the temperature of stir-fry.
【Note】 Please read the product manual carefully before use. If you have any problems with the operation, please contact us. 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Price: $79.99
(as of Jan 23,2022 22:08:34 UTC – Details)

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