Anbull Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 132LBS/24H with 26LBS Ice Storage Capacity, Stainless Steel Clear Ice Cube Maker Ideal For Home/Kitchen/Office/Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop

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Product Description

ice makerice maker

Anbull Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

Anbull is committed to using advanced technology to manufacture the most reliable products. This ice maker not only meets your daily ice making needs, but also has the characteristics of simple operation & easy maintenance. Suitable for bar, office, cafe, restaurant, and home kitchen, you can feel the convenience it brings anytime anywhere.


1.During the ice making process, if the water level in the tank is too low, the machine will automatically alarm and stop ice making,it will restart to work only after water is added.

2.When the machine detects the ice storage bin is full,it will lead to an autostop.”ICEFULL” will flash to remind you to take out the ice cubes,the machine will run normally in 3 mins when it detects enough ice storage space.

Product Details





heat dissipation

heat dissipation

Circulating Efficient Ice Making

Activate the machine, the water flows into the tank and then starts to freeze, ice cubes are formed after several mins, the ice-making tank rises to remove ice,one cycle ends. A new cycle will begin automatically.

Inclination Evaporator

The inclined angle makes it easier for ice cubes to fall off.The high-quality ice plate can hold 40 ice cubes at one time and has a long service life.

Cooling Interactor

Fan heat dissipation, which is efficient and extends the service life of the machine. But be careful to keep a certain distance from the obstruction.

Automatic Cleaning


One-button automatic cleaning, saving your time, liberating your hands.

The secret to a good life is to make tedious things simple.

Key Description


High density foam layerHigh density foam layer

Multi-scenario Application


1. Before the first use, clean the ice maker and let it stand upright for 24 hours.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the automatic water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage sapce is enough.

3. Plug in the power and the ice maker starts to work. First, the water pump starts running for about 2 minutes,the compressor begins to work,and the machine enters into ice making process.

4. When ice cube reaches the given thickness, the ice plate probe starts up,the defrost solenoid valve starts to work and the water pump stops running. The hot air enters the evaporator, ice cubes will fall in about 1 min. Turn the falling ice baffle over and open the magnetic reed switch when ice cubes are falling , The machine enters ice making when the reed switch is closed again.

5. The compressor is in operation during the entire ice making and deicing process.

Package Included

1 x Anbull Commercial Ice Machine

1 x Ice Scoop

1 x Drain Hose

1 x Water Supply Connector

1 x User Manual

❄【High-efficiency ice making】Anbull commercial ice maker has: ①The high-efficiency compressor can quickly produce ice within 8-15 min, 40 ice cubes/cycle, maximum ice capacity can reach 132Lbs in 24H; ②The high-density foam layer is more conducive to temperature insulation and ice cubes can maintain their shape for longer; ③The body made of heavy stainless steel is durable, beautiful and easy to clean.
❄【More Reliable】①The high-quality water filter makes the ice texture harder and more crystal clear (the size of a single ice cube is 0.9ʺ×0.9ʺ×0.9ʺ); ②The built-in Blue-ray provides illumination while removing odors; ③Ice scoop, filter, water supply & drain hose, the accessories you will use have been prepared for you.
❄【Smart Control】①Concise and clear multi-function control panel is easy to understand and operate; ②The automatic alarm function of full ice and low water level always protects the machine and saves you from worry; ③The one-button cleaning function saves time and effort to keep the machine clean.
❄【More Convenient】①The double water inlet structure allows you to add water by connecting the running water and gallon-bottled(the volume of the bottle should be equal to or less than 7.5L) water; ②The ice storage capacity of Anbull commercial ice maker is 26Lbs (It’s recommended to store the ice cubes in the refrigerator when you don’t urgently need them ); ③Ice cube thickness reservation: Thin: 6-9min, Medium: 10-15min, Thick: 15-20min.
❄【Anbull Notes:】①If you encounter problems during the use of the machine, please feel free to let us know, we will try our best to solve your difficulties; ②Don’t let the ice machine work in a high humidity environment; ③Turn off the machine by turning off the power button instead of pulling down the power cord.

Price: $459.99
(as of Jan 16,2022 23:04:25 UTC – Details)

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