1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner – KeniChole Electric cooktop with 8 Temperature and 8 Power Setting, Induction Burner with Timer, and Child Safety Lock

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(as of Jan 21,2022 15:25:46 UTC – Details)

KeniChole uses the latest advanced technology to provide high-quality induction cookers.
We design, manufacture and sell products by ourselves and we will continue to work hard to improve the functions, craftsmanship, appearance, packaging and other details of the products in order to achieve the ultimate pursuit of the best user experience.
Join us on the journey. Together, we can achieve a higher quality of life and a relaxed life.

This machine can only be used with cookware made of cast iron, enamel and stainless steel.
When using aluminum, ceramic, copper, glass or heat-resistant glass cookware or any cookware with a concave bottom, it will not work.

A: When the induction cooker does not detect the cooking utensils, detects that the cooking utensils are not suitable, and there is no food or water in the cooking utensils, the induction cooker will display E1, and a suitable pot should be placed for heating.
B: When the cookware is removed from the cookware, the automatic pot detection will turn off the heating. If the cookware is not detected, the device will automatically turn off after 60 seconds.

2.After turning off the equipment, the fan may continue to run until the temperature of the induction cooker is below 120°F.

3.Never heat empty cookware. This will cause the unit to overheat, damage the cooking utensils, and even cause the induction cooker to shut down.

4.You may think that the induction cooker has a sound when it is working. This sound comes from the cooling fan of the internal electromagnetic coil (the principle is similar to the cooling fan of a laptop).
When the power is high, the internal temperature needs to be cooled at a faster speed to keep the circuit board and the wire reel safe, so the fan will run at high speed at this time, which is a normal working state.
In addition, if the bottom of

▶COMPLETE CONFIGURATION: 8 power levels from 300-1800Watts; 10 temperature ranges from 140-465°F (60°C-240°C), 2 hours and 59 minutes built-in countdown timer and safety lock function, automatic translation detection; Equipped with diagnostic error information system, high and low voltage warning system.
▶WIDELY USED AND PORTABLE: The latest frosted glass surface can effectively prevent the pan from moving when water overflows during cooking. It is suitable for frying pans with a diameter of 4.7-10.2 inches (12-26 cm); it has a large and uniform heating Area; the thickness is only 2.4 inches (6 cm), which is convenient for transportation and storage; suitable for areas with limited space.
▶COOKWARE COMPATIBILITY: Induction compatible electromagnetic cookware is required. Such as cast aluminum enamel iron and steel, stainless steel or cast iron with a magnetic bottom [E1: no pot or no suitable pot. Please put the pot on first, then turn on the induction cooker, otherwise it will display E1]. Please use the correct cooking utensils to ensure that the induction cooker works better. The attached magnet can be used to detect whether the cookware is compatible.
▶IMMEDIATELY ABOVE: Electromagnetic induction technology transfers the energy generated directly to the cookware and food through the magnetic field. No fire and no gas, heating is required, much safer than gas stove! This will help you fully enjoy the fun of cooking and help you get more achievements in cooking. And soon your friends will start to be jealous.
▶QUALITY ASSURANCE: The product meets North American electrical standards, the AC voltage is 120V 60Hz, ETL approved and meets North American standards. As a reliable seller, and you will get a 1-year warranty. If you have any requirements, please contact us, we will solve your problem within 24 hours.

Price: $42.37
(as of Jan 21,2022 15:25:46 UTC – Details)

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